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What after iPhone 6s? iPhone 7? iPhone Air? iPhone PRO?

The iPhone PRO concept

The iPhone 6 has dominated the smartphone market for the past year and it more than likely that the iPhone 6s will secure Apples reign at the top for another 12 months, but what then? How will Apple ensure that the iPhone sales keep at…
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iPhone 6s getting bigger, but iPhone 7 will be thinner…

iPhone-Air- sleek

The latest leaks of the new iPhone 6s case have highlighted that the addition of ‘Force Touch’ will result in a slight increase in the dimensions of the of the next iPhone, but patents suggest that going forward the iPhones will be getting slimmer…  …
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iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 questions and answers

Image of the different types of iPhone colours

The past few weeks have seen a lot rumours appear with reference to the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7.  Here is our round up of all the best new stories and rumours that have appeared in the last month. 1. Will it be an iPhone 7…
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iPhone 7 to be first iPhone without home button

Buttonless iPhone 7 may not be too far away

Will the iPhone 7 see the removal of the home button? Recent patents suggest that there is a good possibility that this will be the case.   Recent news has surfaced which suggest that the familiar home button could soon be a thing of he…
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iOS 9 features and how it will affect the iPhone 6S

wondering waht features the iOS9 will bring

Wondering what was disclosed at the WWDC ? We look at iOS9 and how it will affect the next generation iPhone? Well the main talk a the moment is how iOS is about to more personal and smarter +  there is also talk abut the…
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