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Top iPhone 7 rumours and 4 inch iPhone news

Will we see 4inch iPhone

It’s that time of the month where we take a look at the latest stories and rumours about the iPhone 7 and possible iPhone mini that is planned for 2016. . 4 inch iPhone news So what has been happening, what leaks are there in the news..Well, unfortunately there are no real design leaks as of yet, but there is a lot of news coming out with relation to the planned 4 inch handset that is due in the early part of 2016. Breaking the current cycle that Apple have for brining out their handsets every fall (Sept/October), it has…
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iOS 10 – When is it coming and what can we expect

iOS 10 coming in June 2016

iOS, the most recognised user interface system in the world, the reason why the iPhone is so popular. iOS 9 has only been out 2 months, but people are already looking forward to iOS 10.  When is it coming and what can we expect? Back in 2007 when the iPhone operating system (or as it is now known (iOS) was unveiled with by Apple it took a bit of getting used too. But, now 8 years on, it is one of the most common used user interface on the planet. Each year Apple have tweaked it and improved it, but where can they…
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iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus and iPhone 7 mini? roundup

iPhone 7 latest news

Latest iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus news and stories, early release date? iPhone 7 mini? panic button? Most leave more questions than answers… Will we see a 4 inch screen on an an iPhone 7 mini? Will the iPhone 7 be released as early as July 16? Will there be a panic button fitted to the iPhone 7 Are Apple finally bringing in a waterproof iPhone? Will Apple finally be ditching the 16GB model Is the Price of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus going to increase? Most of these stories all seem to be coming from KGI…
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iPhone 7 going to be the biggest, toughest and most secure iPhone yet

iPhone 7 set to be best yet

Wondering what the iPhone 7 will look like? So are we and the concept designs are now appearing thick and fast. All seem to indicate, as we predicted, that the screen on the iPhone 7 is probably going to be larger, it will also be a lot tougher and the security will be something new…. A recent concept video on Youtube that seems to have grabbed everyones attention is one that shows off the iPhone 7 with a full screen. Oddly enough though it still displays a home button? Will we see something like this? Probably not, but it does…
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Best iPhone 7 design and feature rumours so far

iPhone 7

Now that the iPhone 6s has arrived, we start looking forward to the iPhone 7.. and it appears that it is not only us that are looking forward to the arrival of the next iPhone. The internet is rife with all sorts of news and stories with reference to what Apple have planned. This week we take a look at and review the best rumours.   One great source of the proposed design and feature introductions that we can expect to see in Sept 2016 with the iPhone 7 is Youtube. With concept designers forever publishing their great ideas, it would not…
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6 changes and updates you can expect to see on the iPhone 7


The iPhone 6s has not even gone on sale yet, but already there are many speculations emerging with reference to what great changes we can expect with next years iPhone 7. We take a look at the 6 most likely updates and changes we can expect to see.   1 –  Apple eSim Already in use in the iPad 2 Air and will also be available on the iPad mini 4 and iPad Pro, the eSim which allows you to select which carrier you are connected too. Many expected to see this brought in with the iPhone 6s, but unfortunatly getting…
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