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Latest iPhone 7 news – Small design changes, but a big upgrade

NEw iPhone 7 coming in Space black

Want to know what the iPhone 7 will actually look like and what new features it will have? The rumor mill is in overdrive and as promised in our last article, this time we look at what we can really expect the iPhone 7 design to be. Unless you are an Apple employee, when it comes to trying surmise what exactly the next iPhone model will look like, it is all pretty much a guess. But, every so often news snippets appear that come from reliable sources and they do give us an indication of what we can actually expect…
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What the iPhone 7 needs – Better camera & better sound

improvements are needed with iPhone 7

Over the next couple of weeks we are going to be looking at what is needed on the iPhone 7 to ensure it is a smart phone that people want to get? We have had the iPhone SE and as nice as it is, it didn’t give us any indication as to what is coming next. What we do know is that the iPhone 7 will have to be very special if Apple want people to buy the iPhone 7 instead of the Android competition. So we will take look and tell you what the iPhone 7 needs to be the…
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iPhone 7 news and rumors, everything we know so far

expect a bigger screen and slimmer iPhone 7

So the iPhone SE has been launched and is not doing as well as Apple hoped with only moderate sales..But, with it only being 5 months till the next generation iPhone hits the shops, it was to be expected that a majority of people would simply be waiting before they purchase a new iPhone..Will the iPhone 7 and possible iPhone 7 Pro, be everything that people expect? Or will be seeing minimal changes..Reports suggest the big changes will be happening in 2017, with the iPhone 8…We take a look at what we know about the iPhone 7 so far, what is…
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Latest iPhone 7 news & leaks and iPhone SE roundup

Lookking at teh future iPhones

March was a busy month for Apple and for the people waiting and speculating about the arrival of the iPhone 7. With the launch of the next generation iPhone only being 5 months away it was inevitable that leaks about the proposed design would start to emerge, and they have..we take a look at the latest iPhone 7 speculations and also say hi to the new 4 inch iPhone SE. Apple will have to bring some big changes with the release of the iPhone 7 if they want to ensure people continue upgrading as they have done previously, so what can they…
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Latest news on the new 4 inch iPhone SE due in March

iPhone SE size

Apple are due to announce a new 4inch iPhone this month, will it be the iPhone SE, iPhone 6c or iPhone 7 mini? When is it going to be released, what features will this smaller iPhone bring and how much will it cost? We take a look at all the info available. WHAT WILL THE NEW 4 INCH IPHONE BE CALLED? If nothing else, Apple have kept the name of the new 4 inch iPhone very quiet. Initial reports suggested that the new iPhone would be called the iPhone 5SE – SE standing for special edition, but as the leaks have…
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iPhone 7 to have wireless charging and better speakers

Better sound on the iPhone 7 coming maybe

Have the iPhones always been plagued with poor battery performance, or maybe it is just the fact that with so much technology at our fingertips that we use the handsets too much? Whichever it is, there is never a good time for your iPhone to run out of power. Latest news on the next generation iPhone indicate that maybe Apple are going to be sorting out these problems for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus that are due out in September this year…. If you were not aware, Apple have been seeking new methods of charging their iPhones ever since they were…
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