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iPhone 7 and new iPhone mini – everything we know so far

iPhone 7 design speculation

We take a look at the latest news rumours and speculations regarding the new iPhones that are due out this year. The iPhone 7 due in September and the much talked about smaller 4 inch handset..With Apple iPhone sales being in the news recently with reference to them not doing so well, what has Apple got planned? Something big we hope…. Firstly we look at the smaller iPhone that is due out this year. The expected launch date of this new iPhone is March the 15th, due to tie in with the launch of the new Air Pad and new…
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iPhone 7 latest rumors – Are they fact or fiction?

What will we see on the iPhone 7

A lot of the same rumors keep doing the rounds at the moment with regards to what features we can expect we with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. But.. are these features and upgrades likely to happen? or are they just sweet dreams? We take a look at all the latest rumors and stories that are floating about and determine..iPhone 7 – fact or fiction. First up we take a look at the latest video that has being doing the rounds of an iPhone 7 Edge! Is it plausible..yes, is it probable.. no. Let’s face it can you really see Apple copying…
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iPhone 7 release date Sept ’16, iPhone (4 inch) mini out March ’16

Waht will the iPhone 7 look like?

Rumours of the iPhone 7 release date have started to emerge, the date – Wednesday September 7th. But that will not be the only iPhone release date for next year. Oh no, the 4 inch iPhone is predicted to be debuted in the in the first quarter i.e March. So what does this mean? Well it puts a lot of people in a predicament when it comes to buying a new iPhone in the next quarter, If you’re after a small handset then it is definitely worth holding fire, as it is guaranteed that the iPhone mini (6c) or (7)…
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iPhone 7 features being tested and weird concept designs

Will we see wirless charging

A lot of news is appearing on the web with relation to new features that are being trialled for the iPhone 7, wireless charging, waterproof, lightening port as headphone jack, home button gone and bizarre images of an iPhone concept with a QWERTY keyboard? So what is and what is rumour? we take a look… First up are the rumors that have been in multiple sources about the fact that Apple are testing 5 new design features for the iPhone 7, all of which indicate that Apple are planning on making the iPhone 7 slimmer, in the region of 6.0mm – 6.5mm….
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Top iPhone 7 rumours and 4 inch iPhone news

Will we see 4inch iPhone

It’s that time of the month where we take a look at the latest stories and rumours about the iPhone 7 and possible iPhone mini that is planned for 2016. . 4 inch iPhone news So what has been happening, what leaks are there in the news..Well, unfortunately there are no real design leaks as of yet, but there is a lot of news coming out with relation to the planned 4 inch handset that is due in the early part of 2016. Breaking the current cycle that Apple have for brining out their handsets every fall (Sept/October), it has…
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iOS 10 – When is it coming and what can we expect

iOS 10 coming in June 2016

iOS, the most recognised user interface system in the world, the reason why the iPhone is so popular. iOS 9 has only been out 2 months, but people are already looking forward to iOS 10. When is it coming and what can we expect? Back in 2007 when the iPhone operating system (or as it is now known (iOS) was unveiled with by Apple it took a bit of getting used too. But, now 8 years on, it is one of the most common used user interface on the planet. Each year Apple have tweaked it and improved it, but where can they…
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